The Pegleg Ghost

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Our story for this edition of These Are Your Stories comes from Orlando Florida. It first appeared in Episode #358 – The Mightiest Man. This is one of the more terrifying stories we have had over the years and It was submitted by Lizzie Martinez.

Hi Ron, My name is Lizzie. My husband has been an avid listener of your show for months and has been raving about it. So, I started listening to your podcast too. I am a little person. The only one in my family. Since I was about three or four years of age I have had the ability to see and speak to spirits. I am sensitive to their presence. Because of my experiences growing up I started investigating the paranormal and later started my own business. When I was a young girl my family lived in a small house. I had no room of my own so I had a bed in my parents’ bedroom. I saw some unexplainable things in that room at night. The first I remember is what I can only describe as the Grim Reaper.

This creature would stand near the end of my bed and just stare at me. It wore a felt-like cloak shrouding its face and arms. The thing would come nightly, but then it suddenly stopped. Something else began to come for me instead, and It was even more terrifying. It came to hurt and torment me and made sure that I couldn’t scream for help. Each time it came I would fight to free myself from its grasp. When I finally broke free I would jump into my parent’s bed and lie between them. 

This new creature would watch me from the foot of the bed between the rails and glare. Looking back at it I believe it was still the Grim Reaper from before. It had transformed itself into a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little boy who had a peg leg. Yes, you read that right a peg leg. Just like a pirate.

Close your eyes and imagine a small child hearing footsteps approaching from the kitchen. With each small step, there was a loud clop that dragged upon the ceramic floor. Your heart races faster and you begin to feel almost out of breath. You hear that thing-child step down from the kitchen into the room and peek from behind the dresser that blocked the doorway’s view. That blonde-haired boy with blue eyes slowly walked around the side of the dresser and then just stood there with a smile on his face. That smile changes to a frightening and menacing smear. You want to run but there’s nowhere to go. His demeanor changes yet again. That look and that grin make you realize that something bad was going to happen. Your voice disappears. You can’t even scream to wake your parents to protect you. Then that blue-eyed boy charges at you. He removes that horrible peg leg and hits you over and over again.

I would get free. I could hear him, behind me, chasing me as I climbed in between my parents. There he would stop, stand at the end of the bed, and look through the railings swaying back and forth. We would lock eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually, I would wake up and it would be morning. As each new day came I’d forget about the night. But when it was time to go to bed I’d remember why I was afraid to go to sleep. I would fight with my mom to stay up. She would think that I was just being a difficult child and send me anyway. I couldn’t find the words to explain to her what was going on. 

We did eventually move up the street from that crazy little house and you would think that would have solved my ghost problems. Well, not so much, but that is another story for a different day.

Lizzie Martinez – Orlando Florida

I really don’t know what to say about this one. We have had a number of stories like this, but none has affected me quite like this. When I read it, somehow, it feels like it was happening to me. I don’t know how else to explain it. So very terrifying and it rings true. Lizzie thank you for sharing this story, it truly is amazing.


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