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Our story comes from Aaron in Carson City, Nevada. Aaron wants us to know that he has a twin sister who dreamed the same events you are about to read. Also, with Aaron’s permission I have written his adventure, and here is what he told me:

I am a forest ranger who lives in a fire watchtower in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is a lonely job with a lot of downtime to think. Most believe all this is just a figment of my imagination, but I am here to tell you it happened.  

I was up late keeping watch.  There had been a large number of lightning strikes over the past few days and any one of these could lead to disaster.  Not only for the forest but those that live and work in the park.  I observed a streak of lightning heading towards the tower. However, it was ground-based and had no connection to the sky.  Also, when it struck the ground there was no sound at all.  It was quite near the base of the tower and it continued to glow. I was concerned about my safety so I radioed my commander and told her that I was leaving the base to check it out. I hopped into my jeep and drove to the site.

I had to hike about a half-a-mile and during the walk, I could not get over the feeling that I was being watched. I used my service band radio a couple of times just to hear another human voice. My commander kept telling me that it was all in my head. That was the last thing I heard from the radio because as I arrived, it crackled and was completely drained of all battery life.

I was at the outside of a small meadow up against a mound of piled trees. The paddock was obviously man-made and I guessed that a small fire had been fought here in the past. Then I saw the glow, it appeared on the side opposite me. It was a humanoid shape about the size of a large black bear on its hind legs. It wavered in and out. At times it would disappear completely. To say that I was scared is an understatement. I wanted to run, but I could not. I felt as if I had lost my mind, but I was compelled to step out from my hiding place.

I said, “Hello?”

An eerie tone filled the meadow.  It was a low pitch hum and it wavered back and forth in a formalized rhythm.  After a few seconds, it stopped. I felt a chill go through my body and I watched in horror and the figure started to move towards me. I could not move.  As it got closer I could see that it was humanoid, but had long arms and very short legs. Its hands could only be described as claws. It got to within two feet of me and I could see its eyes. They were blood red and I felt like it could see through my very soul.

That was the last thing I remember. I woke up in my jeep, my assigned call letters pouring from the service radio and frantically asking me to respond. It showed full battery again. A minute later a chopper was overhead. Its searchlights bathed my jeep with intense white light. Although groggy I was able to activate the mic and respond. I was told later that it had been one hour, fifteen minutes, and forty-five seconds since my last call.

Aaron – Carson City, Nevada

What can I say about this? I talked with Aaron personally and I believe that something happened to him. What? I guess that is left up to you and your imagination. I do want to thank Aaron and his sister for chatting with me. Aaron is his real first name but asked that I not use his surname for the story.

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