The Man From Planet X

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The Month Of Spooky 2021 continues this week with the annual retelling of one of my favorite old time radio classics, The Thing On The Fourble Board. This time we shake it up a bit with commentary by Sylvia and Myself. You will hear some insights about the story that should be enjoyable or at least unusual.

On the blog this time we have a story from our old friend Tom Williams. If you will remember he was raised in the south, but now lives in Berlin, Germany. Tom sent this one some time ago and has become one of my favorites.

Hello again Ron,  I am not sure if you would like a little humor to your show, but give this a try, it is about aliens you know!!!  Here is my scary (Funny) story. . . . .Tom

I was 8 years old in 1951, and I went to see the movie, The Man from Planet X. This particular time I was alone. I stepped up to the Cashier and purchased my ticket ( a whopping 25 cents). Then went to the refreshment counter and popped for two bags of Popcorn (another whole 30 Cents), and finally proceeded down the aisle to find the best seat for viewing. As I walked down the aisle, I noticed that the movie had just started the credits. I sat in a seat near the center of the theater. 

The lead Actor in the movie was just pushing his bicycle down a hill. The scene was a dark and foggy countryside and the background music was of the usual scary variety. He then saw a saucer shaped disk, shrouded in fog in the dale below. The actor walked around the saucer looking into the lighted porthole windows as he went along.  Suddenly, he looked into the face of the Alien! The background music was so startling that I actually threw both bags of popcorn into the air.  

The next thing I remember I was standing outside the movie house wondering how I got there. I gathered my wits and was about to go back in to finish watching the Movie, but the manager refused to let me back in, even after I showed him my recently purchased ticket. I never got to see the movie I had paid for, and I only had enough money left for the Bus fare home.

Oh’ how I longed to see that movie. Finally, after 60 years, my Brother-in-law was able to send it to me. My taste has changed over the years and it was a disappointing movie, to say the least. The Film wasn’t scary and the copy I have has a different beginning for some strange reason. That goes to show you that memories are sometimes better than the actual event. 

Keep up the Entertaining podcasts and all the best, 

Tom from Berlin, Germany

Well thank you Tom for your story. I am quite familiar with your movie. I love to watch classic sci-fi films from the 50’s. My favorites being The War of The Worlds and When Worlds Collide. While they don’t terrify like they did way back when. To me they are very special. The Man From Planet X went into production on December 13, 1950, at Hal Roach Studios in Culver City, California, and wrapped principal photography six days later. In order to save money the film was shot on sets for the 1948 Ingrid Bergman film Joan of Arc. They used artificial fog to change moods, plot locations, and to hide the lack of backdrops. Not your high budget film. It was released again in 1953 which might explain why the opening of the film was different in your version. I am not sure about that though.

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