I Hate Trains!

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Trains! Love them or hate them they have been around for a long time. Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of scary stories that have been associated with train travel? Believe me when I tell you that I have. I have a fear of trains, but I love to ride them. It is the mystery associated with them that gives me a thrill. Maybe that is why there are so many stories about them. Our listener’s story comes from Lucas Tens originally from Franca São Paulo (That’s in Brazil – I looked it up). He tells us this story titled, I Hate Trains

My father worked for the RFFSA in Brazil all of his life until retirement in 1997. That meant we traveled by train for free and we did it a lot. I loved the train and still do. Today however, when I board, I look around first.

It was the summer of 1985 and my family was going on vacation to my aunt’s estancias (or Ranch). We boarded the train and split up as was the custom.  We each had a favorite part and for me it was the dining car. I would head to the back, pick a seat and watch people imagining who they were and where they were going. It was a busy day and from time to time people would ask to sit with me. I always said yes and would make up fantastic stories about myself and why I was on the train. It was all in good fun.

A dark man, that is the best way I can describe him, came to sit with me. He was tall, but not too tall, chubby, but not too chubby and kept his face covered with a large fedora. I found him utterly fascinating. He had a deep voice and it rumbled, rivaling the sound of the train! The first thing he said to me was, “So you like stories?”

I squeaked out, “Yes Sir”

He proceeded to tell me every story that I had lied about that day and he told them back to me in detail! I asked him how he knew about this and he shrugged and said that he lives here. 

“On the train?” I countered.

He only answered with a yes.

I was uncomfortable and launched into a long discussion with the man trying to justify my actions. It was then a woman walked up and asked if she could sit-down. I turned to her in disgust and was about to say there was no room. Then I realized I was sitting alone. The dark-man was gone.

I tried to find him on the train, but there was no sign of him. Talked to everyone including my family and not a single person had seen him. I even asked the conductor who he was and he knew of no one that matched that description. Finally, we reached our stop. As I walked with my family up the boarding platform I happened to glance back at the train. There peering up at me was the dark-man. People were passing through him like he wasn’t there.

Lucas Ten – Franca São Paulo

Lucas went on to say that he told this tale to many people over the years and never found anyone who had a similar experience. To this day every time he boards a train he looks for his friend in hopes of finishing his discussion. My thought is to best leave the dead alone and count your blessings.

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