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I get stories from all over the world. But you might ask where the most stories come from. That hands down has to be from New Mexico and Texas. I really don’t have an explanation for it, but I have been told, “Things just happen here. A lot!”. Who said that to me? My very own brother. He lives in New Mexico and here is just one of the many tales that he has told us over the years.

My wife, two sons and I had been living in New Mexico for several years and loved to travel around exploring the wonders and mysteries of “the Land of Enchantment”. One of those mysteries is associated with the name Roswell. Many believe an extraterrestrial vehicle crashed there in 1947. Actually, that crash is connected to many sites north and west of that city, most prominently the village of Corona in a bleak section of high plains near a town called Vaughn.

One gray morning in early spring my wife and I and our two sons set out from Albuquerque on the seven hour trip to Carlsbad to visit the famous caverns there. We left at about 9 a.m. The plan was to be settled at our motel by dinnertime. Our transportation was a Saturn bought just weeks earlier.

We were about twenty miles south of Vaughn listening to some of Daniel Pinkwater’s funny stories on tape when suddenly the Saturn rolled to a silent stop with no engine or electrical power. I remember thinking this lonely stretch of road about 50 miles northwest of Roswell was a bad place for a breakdown. Then I noticed that the day’s gloomy sky seemed to be closing around us like a fog. I watched as the fog pushed to the surface of every car window.

My next memory is the four of us sitting in the car on the same shoulder. The fog was gone. My wife started the car which fired instantly with the tape still playing and we drove off as if nothing had happened, except for the fact that no one said a word all the way to Roswell.

On arriving in Roswell my boys said they were hungry so we stopped at a family buffet.  Seeing a sign that they closed at 8 and realizing that was less than an hour away my wife became upset and angry because she had expected to be in Carlsbad, which was still a pretty long drive, long before this. She didn’t want to stop or eat anything but we did and eventually arrived in Carlsbad at about 10p.m.

So what happened? To this day our family has never talked about that trip, not even once. But I assure you, everything happened exactly as I told you.

Your Brother Jim – New Mexico

Well, it is an amazing story with no explanation. Sometime when you’re not busy do the google search, “Strange Stories In New Mexico”. Then settle in for a while because there are a lot of them to read. My thanks to my brother Jim for sharing that one. 

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