But I’m Naked!

A few years ago I put out a call for UFO stories. I got a lot of responses, but this story wasn’t one of them. However it is strange and kind of funny. It comes from Bobby Francis who lives and resides in New York.

Hey Ron, I don’t have a UFO story, but I did see something I can’t explain or would even try. I was in college when this happened. I was known as a bit of a party animal in those days and because of that no one believed me, so I stopped telling it. Each week you ask for stories and here is mine dusted off from some 10 years ago. 

We were at a nearby lake, we had too much stuff and everyone thought it was smart to go skinning dipping in November. If you live in New York you know what a really bad idea this was. We arrived at the lake and got naked.

It turns out that, in fact, I was only one to get naked and everyone fled the scene taking my clothes with them. Very funny, right? Here I am sobering up very quickly, snow falling, and just waiting to be caught. I ran to a bush and hid hoping that the joke was soon to be over. As I waited I saw a creature of some sort wander into the area. It was small and completely hairless. A fate I could understand with complete empathy.

It stopped, got on its hind legs and looked right at me. I thought I was hidden, but this thing could see me. It stood about five feet tall and looked fairly natural on its hind legs. In fact it began to walk towards me.

I got a bit nervous and ran back towards the park entrance. The thing followed me and I picked up the pace. I was a bit of an athlete in those days, so I decided to run faster. I heard a sound coming from the beast that was not human and I kicked it into overdrive. I ran right into my friend who had come back with my clothes and apology. I turned to look at the beast, but nothing was there.

What was it? Was it part of the joke? Nobody at that party ever fessed up to anything.

Bobby Francis – New York

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