The Red Fairy

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We have a story that is frightening! Omar Qadri is a faithful listener who has contributed to the show several times. He sends us this story as told to him by his mother. It comes from a time when she was still in the old country. 

Here is her story as told by Omar:

When my mother was a young girl, she and her sister were playing a game in the neighborhood park with a group of friends. The park, mother told me, was located near an ancient temple ruin that dates back thousands of years ago during the rule of the Hindu Kush. They controlled the Northern parts of India which is now Pakistan. It was late at night and the game they were playing was called “Red Fairy”. It is similar to hide and seek. In the game all the children hide and the caller would say, “The red fairy is looking for you.”

That night my mother’s sister was the caller, “The Red fairy is looking for you!” 

Suddenly, my mother heard a scream that could only have come from her older sister! All the kids scattered, out of fear, and ran to their nearby homes. My mother, of course, ran towards her sister! She caught up to her and then stopped dead in her tracks. She caught a glimpse of a woman dressed in red. The park’s dim lighting illuminated the creature’s clothing. 

When they got home my mom’s sister was hysterical. She kept repeating, “I saw the red Fairy!” She was crying and my grandmother asked her what happened. Breathing wildly she said, “I was counting down with my eyes closed and was saying: the red fairy is coming. When I opened my eyes a woman shrouded in red garments was standing directly in front of me! I screamed and ran!”. 

My mom said that her sister was sick for about two weeks after that and would not leave the house. From that day on they never played late in that park again. However, the story does not end there. My grandmother told them both, years later, about a young woman who was murdered in the woods near the ancient ruins. She was found wearing red garments that night. Hence the tale of the red fairy!  

Omar Qadri

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