Gerry’s UFO

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Gerry's UFO

This time we have a story from Gerry In New England.  That is all I know about him, but I do love his story. He sent this in via the website and it was on the show a few years ago. Over the years I have had a lot of fisherman stories sent in and every time they have been UFO tales. Connection? Who Can say.

– Ron

Here is Gerry’s Story: 

Ron, I loved what you did during the month of October and I should have shared my story then, but I was afraid. My wife said even if they don’t believe you it still a good story, so for better or worse here it is:  

I work as a fisherman off the coast of New England. My job is to gaff the fish as they come into the boat, kill it, and then put it into the icebox. A much easier job than say, running the net, but back breaking nonetheless. We fish in the early mornings, fill the boat, and head to the market to sell our catch. 

There are long stretches where there is nothing to do. So we, the crew, would talk a lot and look out at the ocean. One morning before the sun was up I saw a light way off.  It bobbed up and down like a buoy would, but still looked strange. I pointed it out to my crewmates and they agreed that it didn’t look right. We forget about it and set about to get ready for the day. Margret (he’s a guy) broke the silence and shouted that light was closer. Sure enough that bobbing light was heading straight towards us at a high rate of speed. It had to be a boat.  It was an odd shaped flat triangle with lights at each corner. As it got closer we could see it was smooth on sides and completely flat on the bottom. As a boat it would be useless, but as a flying machine it seemed right at home.  It flew right over the top of the boat, slapping water in every which way.  We were soaked.  It didn’t stop, didn’t float and didn’t make a single engine sound. Of course with the wild crazy water spray any engine noise could have been drowned out.

It flew towards shore and we finally lost sight of it.  What was it? What happened? None of us ever found it because the captain ordered us not to report it.  Just as well who would believe us anyway?  Thanks for letting me share my tale. I hope you put it on the show.  

– Gerry

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