Arizona Lightning

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Arizona Lightning

Our story for this week comes from episode RAS #305 – Arizona Lightning.  It was sent in by Jasen of Carefree, Arizona here is his original email. If you want to hear the podcast version follow the link above.

Hello Ron, 

I listen to the podcast every week and I love it. In fact my whole family listens to you!  I work for the APS group. Which provides electrical power for over a million people! I am what would be called a lineman and drive the desert regions of the state a lot.  This is what happened to me on a June night in 1995. 

I was sent out on an inspection tour. This was a dream job and very coveted because you drive a set of power lines checking substations and recording values. Today this job is all computerized and we are only sent to a station when it reports an error.

I was driving between stations when I saw a flash of light. It was lightning, actual bolts spraying out from a lone, isolated storm. I had never seen lightning like that before. I stared in awe. It looked like jewelry, some kind of tiara, on a mountain. I never knew that 4:00 am could be so beautiful. I never knew it could be so terrifying.

I drove closer to the storm in hopes of capturing some pictures. I am not a photographer, but I always took my camera on these trips, because you never know what you will see out there. I was within five miles of the storm when the van stopped. I don’t mean turned off and rolled to a stop. I mean it just stopped!  I was wearing a seat belt, so no harm done, but I thought for sure I had hit something.  I grabbed for my radio to report in, but all I could hear was static. I got out of the car and looked at the front of the van, no damage and no barrier of any kind. I looked out at the storm and that is my last memory. The next thing I remember was being back in the van driving to the next substation. I glanced at my watch and it was 5:00 am. Almost an hour had passed.

The story does not end there. Several weeks later I took the roll of film that was in my camera, to be developed. There were three perfect pictures of the lightning storm. I don’t remember taking these pictures. Also, the quality of photos were better than my skills would allow. Lucky shots maybe, but why don’t I remember them?  

Jasen – Carefree, Arizona

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