Haunted Home In Old Mexico

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Many of you have been asking when we are going to have the new podcast. Well, life is a funny thing and sometimes it throws you curveballs. I have had to put the “Live” part of this project on hold for now, but the blog part continues. This week we have a story that came in a few years ago from Alberto Sandoval who lives in Central Valley, California.

Alberto Writes:

My mother’s stories about her experiences are what got me into the paranormal in the first place. My interest grew by hearing other people tell similar stories on this oh so interesting subject. She told many stories to us, her children. They ranged from the infamous Llorona (pronounced yo-rohna) to disembodied baby cries, as well as witnessing a floating ball of light, the size of a basketball, which seemed to float around in an errant manner. What makes these stories scary are the settings where they took place. Places like old homesteads that lacked running water and lighting  made for very dark nights that added to the horror of it all. Moonlit nights did not fare any better, even if they improved one’s ability to see, it only served to play with your imagination. A bush or natural formation of any sort took on a scary aspect and made it appear as if there was always something sinister In those shadows waiting to pounce on you. Here is one of my mother’s story which I have named, “Haunted Home In Old Mexico” 

This account takes place in the summer months of 1962. The setting is a rural ranch house in central Mexico. This was a point in time where this particular area in Mexico did not have access to common utilities such as electricity or running water. The moonless nights made for a very dark setting and the lack of housing or neighbors meant a very desolate and eerie panorama on any given night. 

My parents were born and raised in the area and they both have had paranormal experiences. My father once saw a haunting scene where a man that was killed by the federal troops during the Mexican Revolution retraced his final steps before being shot to death. My mother had MANY stories of her own, from hearing disembodied baby cries coming from a corral to accounts of a wailing heard by all her family said to be that of La Llorona. 

In this story my mother and father were recently married and my eldest brother was only a few months old. My parents were young and searching for a home with some land where they could live and farm. An uncle informed them that another uncle had been living in a house with his family, and was moving. My parents would be welcome to stay there if they wished. Later they found out that the reason they were leaving the place was a female cousin was being tormented by apparitions and paranormal happenings. It was said my mother’s cousin was so traumatized by the activity that she was a shell of her former self. She was pale, skinny and wasn’t eating. Fear of losing their daughter, her parents finally decided to leave the house out of desperation and my parents agreed to move in.

Almost immediately they began hearing strange noises in the house. At night they would hear scratching and banging throughout. My mother was scared and my father did not want to show fear so he chose to ignore the activity. On one occasion the noises were so bad that my father decided to investigate after my mother’s insistence that something was wrong. 

The noise was coming from a room above them. Most houses in the area built these rooms  as warehouses to store grain and equipment. My father insisted that it was rodents or some other animal that had dropped something onto the floor. He went up the stairs to the room and returned a short time later looking puzzled. My mother knew he wouldn’t find anything because it had been completely empty since they moved in. There was no explanation for that loud thumping noise coming from that storage room and that put my parents on edge. Secretly, my father did not want to accept he was scared. 

Another curious noise my parents frequently heard was described as, “a dragging of a large piece of rawhide.” This description continues to intrigue me as I also heard this from a Mexican podcast that interviews people who have experienced hauntings. A lady described it word by word, “as the dragging of a piece of rawhide.” 

The most terrifying experience happened to my mother one day when my father was out working on the farm. My mother was busy tending to her chores when she saw a woman descending slowly down the steps from the storage room. My mother watched in horror as she came down. Her feet were not touching any of the steps. My mother was frozen in terror and lost it when the woman reached the bottom step. The apparition lifted her arm to point and opened her mouth as if trying to speak. The next thing my mother remembers is waking up to my father’s shocked expression. She explained to him what she saw and he was speechless. After this my mother no longer stayed on her own in the home and would help my father with his chores on the farm. There were more noises after her experience but she never saw anything again. 

The final straw for my parents was on the occasion of my second brother’s birth. He was about a month old and my mother left him bundled up on the bed and she went out to help harvest that year’s corn. When she went to check on the baby she was taken aback to find him half on the bed and half off. It looked as if something had pulled him toward the edge. It was not possible for a month old baby to have moved himself. For my mother that was enough, after the apparition of the woman and her baby being moved, she was afraid of harm, and insisted  that they leave that house, which they did. 

I don’t know if that house is still standing. It was a single home on a ranch and it was far from any other homestead. That haunted home may be forgotten, but as for my mother…she will never forget.

Alberto Sandoval – Central Valley of California

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