RAS# 469 – The Eight O’Clock Killer

RAS #469 - The Eight O'Clock Killer

On Ron’s Amazing Stories it is detective week. We have two tales from retired policemen, a strange tornado, and a Johnny Is It True segment with everything from a burning turtle to falling anvils. Our featured story comes from Blake Edwards, the man who invented detective sarcasm. The story is called The Eight O’Clock Killer and is a Richard Diamond – Private Detective mystery.

Featured Story – The Eight O’Clock Killer

Our featured story this time comes from the creative genius Blake Edwards. In case you don’t know that name he is the guy behind the Pink Panther movies and of course Richard Diamond – Private Detective. Diamond is a rough gumshoe that would often work with his counterpart on the police force Lt. Levinson which, by the way,  is the case today. Our story is called The Eight-O’Clock Killer and it first aired in December of 1950.

Program Links: On Johnny Is It True ron promised a link to photos that support the stories.  You can find them here. 

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