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Rons PictureWhat a crazy time we live in. I want you to know that here at Ron’s Amazing stories we are taking the one day at a time approach. I don’t dwell on the good, bad or focus on the future. I live each day knowing that we are all in this together and together we will get out of it. I hope you are safe and sound.

The podcast this week is a themed show today. We have had Bigfoot Week, The Dogman Story, The Chupacabra Story, The Thunderbird Story and then The Ghost Story. This week we tackle the elusive, The Orb Story which just might be my favorite of the supernatural tales. This all came about with an email I received from Dennis Turner from Tempe, Arizona.

Hello Ron, I love where you are taking the podcast these days. All of these great stories to enjoy during a time when things are crazy. Thank you for being my personal sanctuary. I have been going through the older episodes and found a new love for the ORB. It is crazy to think that only one thing can explain them all. Why do people have to have a single answer, when in fact I believe them to be multiple things. How do you feel about that?  – Dennis

Dennis, I could not agree with you more. You have given me food for thought and I have decided to dedicate this week’s episode to look at the ORB. Not just from a paranormal view but from fan fiction as well.  See you Thursday!


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