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Blessed To Do ResearchNo matter what you know or think you know about a subject, there is always more to learn. One of the most embarrassing situations to have happened to you is being called out because what you thought was true was not. If there are differences of opinion in the area you are presenting, recognize the other side. You will come across more strongly if your audience knows you have taken the time to learn both sides of an issue. It is amazing but true, that once you write something most of your followers are going to believe you. You owe them accuracy.

What if you are writing your autobiography or maybe your family history. Who better to know the story than you? It’s true, but others may have a different perspective. Memories, even yours, can be faulty. Checking your facts can lead to the perfect tale. As an editor, I see all kinds of stories. I was editing a memoir and the author made a reference to an event that took place during World War II. The problem was that it never happened. It was related to a post-war event and that meant it had to be moved and rewritten. A little research on the author’s part would have solved that problem.

What if you are writing fiction? Surely doing research is not needed in this case. After all, you are making things up as you go along. The truth is that the details of fiction need to be as accurate as nonfiction. There is always an element truth in every story and those details need to be correct. For example, if you are writing about an ax-wielding maniac and you call his blade a rapier, there is a problem. Even when you invent your own universe, it has to be understood by earthlings. If you are going to have impossible things happening, you need to offer some explanation that will make sense.

I myself love to do research. I look at facts to build my stories and locations on. It gives your audience a starting reference and will make them feel comfortable with the subject matter.


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