The Truth About Fiction

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Mark Twain QuoteWhat is the writer’s accountability to the truth? The very word fiction implies untruth. Do you remember as a child when you heard a story that scared you? Your parents probably told you not to worry because it was just a story. However, for some of them to work you must suspend your disbelief.

I have always believed that every story ever told has some truth in it. We learn by experience and then that experience applies to our stories. So, by default, they do have real components. Mark Twain is noted for saying, “Write what you know.” He wasn’t just talking about knowledge. He meant to write about something that we have experienced on an emotional level and then come out the other side. We have learned a lesson, and have been transformed by its experience. 

Yes, this concept is a little out there, but if you think about it, it is right on the money. So,  even though the tale didn’t really happen it is still partly true.


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