The News – June 2019

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UFO Project has a Date

You have been hearing about it, people have been asking about it, and now it finally has been scheduled. I was not able to book a UFOlogist for the show. Either I am not big enough or emails are not going through. I don’t know. None of the four even replied, and the one non-UFO guy politely declined. I have sent an email to the four people whose stories were being held for this show and they all agreed to my proposal. The show that will carry the UFO event will be the 400th episode of Ron’s Amazing Stories set to air on October 3, 2019. Yes, that is a bit in the future, but I have a surprise guest for that show, and it is going to be amazing! To Jim, Margarito, Scott, and Barbara I thank for agreeing to hold off on your incredible stories until then. More about this event as we get closer to October.


RAS Expands Its Borders

We have expanded yet again. Starting this week the show can be now be heard on Radio.Com. Not to be confused with RadioPublic, which I announced a few weeks back. is a free broadcast and Internet radio platform owned by Entercom. They distribute over 235 radio stations from across the United States. It was originally created by CBS Radio and was then acquired by Entercom as part of the company’s takeover of their radio network. I tried to find the podcast on their website, but it does not show up yet. However, on the phone and tablet applications, we are listed. If you use their service please take a moment and subscribe to the show.

Ron’s Amazing Stories is sponsored by Gladdy’s Goodies

Gladdy's GoodiesAt Gladdy’s Goodies, we have one main focus when it comes to our treats. It is a quality product that is healthy for your dog while tasting great. We pride ourselves on being a family run business that makes each bag of treats by hand, with love – never automated or made by machines. We take the time to find the BEST ingredients money can buy in order to make a healthy treat that our Gladdy will eat.

We cut out all the unneeded additive ingredients and by-products. Why do companies add these things into your dog’s food and treats? Simple, it allows them to use less meat so they can still sell their product for a decent price and make a high profit from it. Our treats are pure 100% chicken, salmon, beef, pork, sweet potato, and turkey.

This Week’s Podcast: On the podcast this week we have a classic science fiction story from Astounding Magazine, August 1931. It is titled The Moon Weed and is read for us by Mark Nelson. Also, we have new stories from your fellow listeners, and Tom shares a short story about a man and his house.  You can listen to this podcast on Thursday at Ron’s Amazing Stories, download it from iTunes, stream it on Stitcher Radio or on the mobile version of Spotify. Do you prefer the radio? We are heard every Sunday Night at 8:00 PM (PST) on AMFM247.COM. Check your local listing or find the station closest to you at this link.

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