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Five Minute MysteryI received this email by Todd White from Oakland, California.

Hello Ron, I love the podcast and your highly different format. There is no one out there doing what you do. Keep doing it. I do have a question about the Five Minute Mysteries. Not that I am getting tired of them and they are kind of your podcast signature but are you ever going to drop them?  Todd from Oakland

Well, Todd, I think you right on about the Five Minute Mysteries being a RAS signature. I really don’t foresee dropping them, but I do have the idea of doing original versions employing the listeners to help me do it. Folks like Mark Nelson, David Larson, and just recently Cody (Mustache) Apedaile have all expressed interested in doing just that. I am a big fan of the short-story concept with an OTR element thrown in. Doing a full-scale radio show is a lofty goal, but I think the five-minute model seems doable.

Last October I created brand new versions of The Five Minute Mysteries using the backbone of the original programming, and the response was pretty good. I hope to do more of that in the future. I have said this before and say it again now. If anyone wants to write an original Five Minute Mystery Script I would love to read it. You can find examples of the scripts on the website, The OTR script library. They have over 177 vintage radio series online. You can find those scripts here!


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