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What about The Stories?I received this email and thought that I would answer the question right here on the blog.  

Hello Ron, Thank you for the great podcast. I listen each week and can’t wait for the next episode. At first, I missed the old time radio shows, but the new content with more listener stories is the future of the show. I can see that. Also, I like how easy it is to get stories to you. My question is this – I am not a writer and each time I sit down to tell my story I walk away frustrated. Can you help me? Do you have any tips on how I can tell my story? – Marleen Carlisle – Dover, Texas

Writing short stories or real-life stories can be tough, but not impossible. Start by writing down the events in the order they occurred. What stops people is the thought, How do I start this thing off? Don’t worry about that as much and concentrate on the facts. Once you have your list fill in the gaps with the details and you will see that your story has just written itself.  Now all you really have to do is to put it together and then write your opening. This is what I do and it has never failed.

I hope this helps you, Marleen. I look forward to reading your story,


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