RAS #338 – Terror At Alamo Lake

RAS #338 - Terror At Alamo Lake

On Ron’s Amazing Stories this time we have tales about space monsters, a back eyed kid and other mysteries. Also, we have another installment of growing up with Tom Williams and a special state of Washington edition of “Johnny Is It True?”

Featured Story – Chapter 3 of Anything You Can Do?

On last week’s podcast we listened to chapter two of Anything You Can Do By Randall Garrett. I asked the question if we wanted to continue the book or move on to something else. I received several responses from folks that said that we should continue with the book. This is a classic science fiction story written by Garrett and published in 1963. We have heard chapters one and two.

In the story so far we met an alien called a Nipe. His spaceship was struck by an object and crash-landed on a distant planet. He had his first encounter with humankind in form of a park ranger by the name, Wang Kulichenko. Who the Nipe quickly killed.

If you want to listen to the recordings of chapter one and two you can find it here.

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