The News – July of 2018

RAS News Update - Blog Post

Twitter Kills Ron’s Amazing Stories!

Twitter Kills The RASDid you hear the news about Twitter this past week? They removed all of the fake accounts that people were using to make you believe they had followers. Unfortunately for me, my account was deleted. But, the kind folks at Twitter quickly restored it. While all of the people I follow (about 750) and all of my posts were restored those of you that followed me were gone. Please help me restore my good name and follow me again. I promise to follow you back… if I am not already. Before all of this happened we had about 1400 folks on twitter. In truth that is not very many, but I am sure they weren’t fake. While we are on the subject. If the truth is told. I would rather you follow the show on Facebook. It so much easier to interact with you.

The RAS Survey

I am looking to add a sponsor to pay the costs of servers and hardware. You can help with this by taking the “Listener Survey”.  It takes about five minutes to complete and asks questions about you, but requires no personal information. This information used to show to prospective sponsors my demographics. Please take a minute of your time to do this it would really help out a lot. If you have already taken the survey. Thank you so very much!

Ron’s Amazing Stories – Volume One

As you know I took a week off. What did I do? Well, one of the things was to organize and go through every story that has been sent in over the last the seven years of the podcast. There have been over 100 keepable stories sent in. I have always planned that when I got enough stories I was going to write a book. I think 100+ hits the mark and I have begun working on it in earnest. I am kind of excited.

Looking For Military Stories

I am planning a special military episode of the podcast and would like to include your stories. If you have an experience about your or a relative’s time in the military please share it with us. It can be funny, sad or exciting. Anything works! You can submit your stories here.

This Week’s Podcast:

On the podcast this week we have four new stories from you the listener. Also, we have a return of the Nipe and this time he means business. You can listen to this podcast on Thursday at Ron’s Amazing Stories, download it from iTunes, stream it on Stitcher Radio or on the mobile version of Spotify. Do you prefer the radio? We are heard every Sunday Night at 8:00 PM (PST) on AMFM247.COM. Check your local listing or find the station closest to you at this link.

The Calendar:

June 21 – RAS #333 – Growing Up!
June 28 – RAS #334 – Mason Henry Blue
July 05 – RAS #335 – The Adolphus Bride
July 12 – RAS #336 – Replay of Episode #291
July 19 – RAS #337 – Growing Up 2!
July 26 – RAS #338 – Detective Week

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