The Usual Stuff With A Twist

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On the podcast this week we have all of the usual cool stuff like a ghost story from a guy who installs cable, Matt Dillon joins the fry with a story about a bear trap and of course we have a mixed-up Five Minute Mystery.  So, makes this podcast different? R.A. Salvatore. 

R.A. SalvatoreRobert Anthony Salvatore is an American author best known for The DemonWars Saga, his Forgotten Realms novels, and Vector Prime, the first novel in the Star Wars: The New Jedi Order series. He has sold more than 15 million copies of his books in the United States alone and twenty-two of his titles have been New York Times best-sellers.

Why is this important? Listen to the show this week to find out.


This Week’s Podcast:

You can listen to this podcast on Thursday at Ron’s Amazing Stories, download it from iTunes, stream it on TuneIn Radio or on the mobile version of Spotify. Do you prefer radio? We are heard every Saturday night at 6:00 pm (EST). Check your local listing or find the station closest to you at this link.

The Calendar:

February 01 – Who is Helen Huber? – (RAS313)
February 08 – The Bear Trap – (RAS314)
February 15 – (HE #20 or RAS315)
February 22 – (HE #20 or RAS316)

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