RAS #311 – The Lanceford House

RAS #311 - The Lanceford House

On Ron’s Amazing Stories, we have a story rich environment. Jim Sweeney shares a set of scary tales from Vermont. Also, we present a classic horror tale from the South African radio series Beyond Midnight. Add to that, a history lesson from the Smithsonian about a stump, and a moment in time from February of 1880.

Our OTR Story – The Lanceford House

Our story comes from the South African Radio series Beyond Midnight. It was a horror anthology series that ran from 1968 to 1970 on Springbok Radio. The story uses minimal music and sound effects, but the actor does such an incredible job that somehow you don’t even realize it. It is called, The Lanceford House and first aired, in Africa, on January 24, 1969.

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