History Can Tell Us Stories

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I am constantly doing research. Whether it’s for the podcast or doing my work as an editor; I am always on the web or my nose is in a book. One thing that I have learned from this is that history is a good teacher, and also a very good teller of tales.

Famous Civil War Tree StumpI grew up as a total junkie for history. There is so much to be said for an interest in it. Not only can you learn how things came to be, but it also tells us how to avoid the pitfalls of the past. It can be a marvelous adventure or a total downer. No matter what you gain from it, you can never lose.

On the podcast this week we have a very special, “As Read By” and it deals with that strange picture you see to the right. Is that stump? Well according to the Smithsonian Museum it is not just any stump. It is a stump with an interesting story and even more historical significance.

Want to know more? Please tune in to the podcast this week and hear this stump’s story.


This Week’s Podcast:

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The Calendar:

January 04 – Knock – (RAS309)
January 11 – Too Many Crooks – (RAS310)
January 18 – The Lancerford House – (RAS311)
January 25 – The Horror Express #20 – UFO Stories

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