Old Time Horror with Jim Harold

Old Time Horror

When I first got into podcasting I brought Jim Harold on the show to talk about old time radio. I did not know at the time that he was a big of a fan of it as I was. This lead to a seven-year-old tradition called, Old Time Horror, and I have to say that I hope it goes on forever. Jim and I both are old souls living at the wrong time. I honestly believe that had we been around in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s we both would have been in the radio business.

So, with that said you will find below the entire Old Time Horror collection starting with 2011 onto the most current one which aired in 2017. I hope you enjoy this blog and return to it often because these are among my favorite shows that I have done.

Thank You, Jim!


BTW: Jim has appeared on many other shows through the years on Ron’s Amazing Stories. You can find those by going to the main website and searching for Jim Harold.

Old Time Horror

With Jim Harold

Old time Horror I – First aired on October 12, 2011This week Jim Harold makes an appearance on the podcast to talk about his appreciation for Old Time Radio and how he became interested in it. Also, Jim will be picking one of his favorite episodes from the golden age of radio and we will play it right on the spot.

Old time Horror II – First aired on October 30, 2012 – On today’s program, we are going to talk about what scares us and horror in general. Also, we have a great old time radio episode from The Inner Sanctum. This popular show ran from 1941 to 1952 and was created by producer, writer, and director Himan Brown.

Old time Horror III – First aired on October 22, 2013On the show this week we have the third annual Old Time Horror. Yep, time again for a long time friend of the program to make his annual pilgrimage to Ron’s Amazing Stories.

Old time Horror IV – First aired on October 31, 2014 –  It is time again for a long time friend of the program to make his annual pilgrimage to Ron’s Amazing Stories. Jim Harold makes his fourth appearance on the show and this time just might be his best. We throw out the rule book for this one and meet in an old graveyard to talk about his latest book: Jim Harold’s True Ghost Stories Campfire. 

Old time Horror V – First aired on October 29, 2015In this podcast, Jim Harold is here for the fifth annual Old Time Horror. Jim will tell us about his new book, True Ghost Stories: Jim Harold’s Campfire. Also, learn we’ll about the cat that makes no sense and Jim’s views on 1934 Witches dialects.

Old time Horror VI – First aired on October 27, 2016Welcome to Ron’s Amazing Stories. On this episode, we have the finale of the Month of Spooky 2016. Jim Harold has returned for the sixth year in a row to put his brand of spookiness on the show. Now I could tell you more about the show, but would it be more fun if you just experienced for yourself? Just press the play button and enjoy!

Old time Horror VII – First aired on October 5, 2017On this episode of Ron’s Amazing Stories, we celebrate our 300th episode. Jim Harold joins us for some fun and discussion. Also, we have one of the scariest old time radio programs ever told in the history of the golden age of radio.

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