RAS #297 – Rope of Sand

RAS #297 - Rope of Sand

On this episode of Ron’s Amazing Stories we play homage to the superstar known as Burt Lancaster. I tell the story about how I almost met him and you won’t believe it! Also, we take you inside the air-raid shelters of London city 1940 and we explore an old ghost town in Colorado.

Our OTR Story – Rope Of Sand

Our OTR story stars the great Burt Lancaster and it comes from the classic radio series Screen Director’s Playhouse. It is story that could have been from anyplace and anytime and plays well today. It is all about the diamonds and what one will do to protect them. It is an adventure tale called Rope of Sand and first aired on April 28, 1950.

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One thought on “RAS #297 – Rope of Sand

  1. A – shall we say – odd piece of family heritage. I too enjoyed the TV ads but find it ironic that today millions watch TV on screens much smaller than 10 inches – though as I recall the resolution wasn’t quite as sharp in the old days.


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