RAS #283 – The Titan of Kansas!

This time on Ron’s Amazing Stories, we take a minute to appreciate TuneIn Radio. They have played a part in history of the show since 2013. I have named this podcast, The Titan of Kansas. It comes from a listener’s story sent in to the show, and it is good one. Also, on this podcast debut a new OTR series called World Adventurers Club.

Our OTR Stories – The World Adventures Club

We have a brand new series to debut on Ron’s Amazing Stories. It is called the World Adventurer’s Club. The setting for the series is a well-to-do gentleman’s club of the type that flourished in the 1890’s. We will actually play two episodes of the show. The first is is episode #7, and is called The land of death. Our second story is episode #13, and is called The Elephant’s Graveyard. I hope you enjoy them both.

Please Note:  You may experience some problems with the main website this week (www.ronsamazingstories.com). I am in the process of leaving my current wordpress provider.  This will not affect the podcast distribution in any way.

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