RAS #282 – Kaleidoscope


On Ron’s Amazing Stories this week we have a Kaleidoscope of tales to present. Tom Williams who is a listener from Berlin, Germany presents two tales from his past. Also, our OTR story just might be one of the best ever on the program. Then we have a thrill story about mail delivery on the moon and of course we will top it off with another Five Minute Mystery.Our OTR Tale – Kaleidoscope

When I first heard our story for today I was transfixed. Held in the moment… thinking what would I do? You can’t help but do that as you listen to this story. It comes from the series Suspense and tells a story about six surviving crew members of a destroyed space ship. The story is an adaption of the famous short-story written by Ray Bradbury. It is called Kaleidoscope and first hit the radio waves on July 12, 1955.

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