RAS #281 – The Ghost of Berlin, NV.

The Ghost of Berlin

Ron’s Amazing Stories we have an incredible ghost story today from Shamir in Nevada. I have named it, The Ghost of Berlin, NV. It is sure to curl your toes!  Also, we head out west with Matt Dillon for a story about a man who invents a device that converts dimes to dollars! So, buckle up and hang on this is going to be a good one.

Berlin, Nevada is a real place with a real history. The town was established in 1897 as part of the Union Mining District after the opening of the Berlin Mine the previous year. The town never prospered to the same extent as other boom towns, declined following the Panic of 1907, and was largely abandoned by 1911. The site was acquired by the state of Nevada as part of Berlin–Ichthyosaur State Park in 1970.

Our OTR Story – The Fabulous Silver Extender

This week’s OTR tale is dedicated to my brother. It comes from the best western of the golden age of radio, Gunsmoke. It takes us into the world of the flimflam artist and two unsuspecting cowboys. The tale is called the The Fabulous Silver Extender and it first aired June 05,1960.

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