RAS #272 – To The Future

To The FutureDid you hear the word?  To The Future we go! Ron’s Amazing Stories is doing another science fiction week! Yep, another episode chalked full of great stories from the future. We have a freaky story a listener from Nevada sent in who says he will never return to New Mexico, then we will hear a story about a couple who escape the future by going into the past, and we end it with an instructional piece on the pitfalls of greater than light speed. So relax, grab a drink and press that play button!

Our OTR Story – To The Future By Ray Bradbury

Our OTR story comes to us from Dimension X, which was effective series in showing of what could be done with science fiction on the radio. Our story was written by Ray Bradbury and is titled, Into the Future. It tells of dark time coming, and what would happen if the people then used advanced technology to escape to the now. It first aired on May 27, 1950.

The Horror Express Update

Jason and I have got everything ready for Horror Express #14. The topic this time will be Bigfoot! We have the studio booked for January 20th, 2017 and the podcast should release the week after.  We are excited about the show and hope you guys are as well.

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