RAS #266 – The Buffalo Hunters

The Buffalo HuntersOn this episode of Ron’s Amazing Stories we have a big show for you.  To start things off we have a five minute mystery with some new news. Then we play a Raymond Burr western that tells the truth about the Buffalo Hunters. We follow that up with a short-story from none other than O. Henry! Sound like fun? Does to me too. Press that play button and let’s go.

OTR Story – The Buffalo Hunters.

By the mid-1950s westerns were the thing on old time radio and just about everywhere else. Whether it was for your son, daughter, wife, father or mother. There was a western for everyone. The series Fort Laramie debuted on January 22, 1956 with Raymond Burr as the captain of cavalry. Our story comes from about the middle of the Fort Laramie run and is called the Buffalo Hunters. Most westerns tried to glorify the buffalo hunts as sport.  This episode – not so much! It first aired on September 9, 1956.

2 thoughts on “RAS #266 – The Buffalo Hunters

  1. Great news about UTube. I found the O Henry story deeply touching and I loved the introductory material about the great Fort Laramie series. You created a wonderful show.


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