RAS #265 – Suspenseful Waxworks

WaxworksOn this episode of Ron’s Amazing Stories we have good stuff!  We start off, with a story from a listener in New Mexico about a mysterious fog and then listen to an OTR tale from Suspense that stars William Conrad.  Also, Oscar Wilde joins us (in spirit) to give us A Few Maxims For The Instruction Of The Over-Educated and we finish it all off with a Five Minute Mystery.

Our OTR story – Waxworks !

For our OTR story this time I have picked out one that could have easily been played during the month of spooky. It comes from the classic series Suspense, and is essentially a dramatized reading, rather than a full radio play. It is called The Waxwork. It tells the story of a freelance journalist who spends the night in the murderers’ gallery of a waxwork museum. It first hit the airwaves in May of 1956.

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