RAS #264 – Old Time Horror VI

Old Time Horror VIWelcome to Ron’s Amazing Stories. On this episode we have the finale of the Month of Spooky 2016. It is hard to believe that the month is over and Halloween is upon us.  I hope you and your family has enjoyed this year’s event and that maybe we chilled you just a bit. We end this year with the best tradition yet! Jim Harold has returned for the sixth year in a row to put his brand of spookiness on the show. Now I could tell you more about the show, but would it be more fun if you just experienced for yourself?  Just press the listen button and enjoy!

Old Time Horror VI – With Jim Harold.

Jim Harold is America’s most popular paranormal podcast host. With his two free flagship programs, The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire, Jim has developed a loyal following that spans the globe. In addition to his free podcasts at JimHarold.com, Jim also hosts a series of premium podcasts on the supernatural and related subjects at JimHarold.net. As a result, he has also become a published author with his Campfire series. All five books are available in eBook and paperback at JimHaroldBooks.com and via Amazon.com.


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