RAS #258 – Sincerely Iris Interviewed

Sincerely Iris InterviewedA few weeks ago I did a special tribute to Mark Twain. While doing the research for that show I ran across a song about Twain called 1,000 Years by Sincerely, Iris. I contacted them and got permission to play the song as part of the tribute. Since then I have had the good fortune to meet the founder of the group, Todd Murray and he is here to share his music, tell some stories and tell us all about Road Trip music. This is a very cool episode of Ron’s Amazing Stories!

Sincerely Iris Interviewed -show links:

Official Video for Just Like a Dog
Cover of AC/DC’s – Done Dirt Cheap & Thunderstruck

Program Note – All of the music used in today’s show was approved by Todd Murray and Sincerely, Iris. Ron’s Amazing Stories appreciates Todd for allowing us to play his music, but hold no rights to these works and any questions about their usage should be directed to Todd Murray <todd@sincerelyiris.com>.

2 thoughts on “RAS #258 – Sincerely Iris Interviewed

  1. Okay, it has been a while since I have posted,but I had to for this show. I loved it. Such great music and Todd sounds like a cool guy. Someone you want to hang with. Thanks for another great show Ron! – Brian


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