RAS #256 – One Thousand Years

One Thousand YearsOne Thousand Years? What does that mean? This week’s show is jam-packed. We open with a woman who can’t button a suit, ride with Marshall Dillon on a stagecoach loaded with criminals and then we learn a thing or two from Mark Twain about sleeping in your own bed. We end the show with a song from Sincerely, Iris called, 1,000 Years. If that isn’t a loaded show than paint me yellow.

Sincerely, Iris Visit Ron’s Amazing Stories

While doing my research for the podcast this week I ran across a song written for and about Mark Twain. I loved it and I wanted to play it. So, I tracked down the songwriter and he gave his permission for me to do so! The name of the band is Sincerely, Iris and the song is called 1,000 years. You can visit their website at sincerelyiris.com and their song is available on iTunes.

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