Spotlight – Edward Hancock II

On the blog this time we focus the RAS spotlight on a raised and true East Texan, Edward Hancock II. Ed is a graduate of Sabine High School and Kilgore College. While attending Kilgore, Hancock was Assistant Editor and Editor-in-Chief of the Ranger Yearbook, where he won more than 20 awards from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association. But his love for writing goes back much further than that.

Born with Spina Bifida, Ed was always a dreamer. These dreams became a reality at the age of 10 when he wrote what he considers to be his first real short story. By the age of 14, he had developed a deep love for writing poetry and by age 19, he was a staff member of the Kilgore College newspaper. He is also a speaker for hire, regularly speaking to children’s and disabled groups on such topics as “life with no excuses” and “never give up on a dream”. Ed is an author of five award winning novels. They are, from oldest to newest, Morning Reign, Heart Beatings, Connection Terminated and Target Mendez. Ed joins Ron this week on the RAS to talk about his latest book, Mendez: Genesis. You can find all of his books right here on Amazon.

Mendez: Genesis: After a horrible accident leaves him partially paralyzed, it takes the power of heaven to bring Lieutenant Alex Mendez back from the dead, unlocking a secret as old as time that may have been hidden inside his four-year-old daughter. To make matters worse, Detective Lisa Mendez, Alex’s wife, confronts her own demons, all the while chasing the most unlikely of suspects in connection with multiple homicides. Is it possible a seventeen-year-old boy with Spina Bifida is singlehandedly responsible for the worst crime spree to ever hit the small east Texas community?

This Week’s Podcast:

On the podcast this week we do talk to Edward Hancock II, also we present a classic tale from the OTR series Lights Out. So, be sure to join us for the show.

You can listen to this podcast this Thursday (12/03) at Ron’s Amazing Stories, download it from iTunes, stream it on TuneIn Radio or listen on your radio Friday night at 8pm Eastern time. Check your local listing or find the station closest to you at this link.

The Calendar:

January 07, 2016 – The Lodger (RAS227)
January 14, 2016 – Undertakings with Stanley Swan (RAS228)
January 21, 2016 – Junior G-men (RAS229)
January 28, 2016 – Edward Hancock Returns (RAS330)

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