Spotlight – Louisa Oakley Green

On the blog this week we spotlight our special guest. Although she has visited the podcast before, not quite like what your going to see this week. Here is a bit about Louisa.

Louisa Oakley Green didn’t believe in psychic phenomena when she met her husband, Stephen. But more than twenty years later, her views have changed. Her first book chronicles her journey from skeptic to believer through more than 100 paranormal stories involving her husband, his family, and friends. Her second book Sightseeing in the Undiscovered Country: Tales Retold by a Psychic Bystander recounts an additional 100+ paranormal stories from everyday people across the country and around the world.

Louisa has been a scribe for several decades, her passion for the written word is evidenced in a career that has spanned from journalist, technical writing and now as a freelance writer.  Once we get to safety and open this mail bag. I will introduce you to Louisa Oakley Green.

If you have not read any of Louisa’s books I highly recommend them. You can follow this link directly to her author’s page on Amazon.

This Week’s Podcast:

In addition to having Louisa on the program we have a very special surprise for you this Thrusday. I have a feeling your are going to love it. So, please tune and find out all about it.

You can listen to this podcast this Thursday (10/26) at Ron’s Amazing Stories, download it from iTunes, stream it on TuneIn Radio or listen on your radio Friday night at 8pm Eastern time. Check your local listing or find the station closest to you at this link.

The Calendar:

November 5 – GE Theater presents: The Tokin
November 12 – A western round-up with Frontier Town.
November 19 – We replayed episode 166 with Alan Day!
November 26 – Author Louisa Oakley Green

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