Richard Warren Field

I just learned that a friend to the podcast has passed. Richard Warren Field first appeared on Ron’s Amazing stories on Episode #65. That interview is one of my favorites because I felt like Richard and I had so much in common (a real connection).

I remember when Richard first applied to be on the show, I turned him down. I didn’t think he would be the right fit. I thought he was some kind of old professor who written a dry history book on the crusades. I could not have been more wrong. He wrote me back and said, “But you don’t understand, you want amazing stories and I have one to tell.” That changed my mind and we set up the interview. The result was one the best shows I have had to date.

I want to thank Richard for opening my eyes to a new style of fiction/historical work. He was a very enjoyable man, intelligent and I like to think he was a friend as well. Rest in peace my friend. You will always be remembered at Ron’s Amazing Stories.

-Ronald Hood

Richard’s Obituary

Richard’s Facebook Page

Richard’s Books

RAS #65 – The Sword’s Of Faith

Check out this episode!

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