Anything You Can Do

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Anything You Can Do is a novel written By Randall Garrett in 1963. It was certified Public Domain by Project Guttenberg on Dec 23rd, 2009 and was recorded by Mark Nelson for LibriVox.Org on February 2nd, 2013.

Synopsis: An alien crash-lands on Earth and for ten years it terrorizes the planet by periodically looting, killing and eating people. The space creature has a plan, but no one knows its real purpose. Earth’s only hope is Bart Stanton who is a medically-engineered superman designed for the sole purpose of confronting the “Nipe”.

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Chapter 01 – RAS #335 – 07/05/18 Chapter 13 – RAS #XXX – XX/XX/XX
Chapter 02 – RAS #337 – 07/19/18 Chapter 14
Chapter 03 – RAS #338 – 07/26/18 Chapter 15
Chapter 04 – RAS #339 – 08/02/18 Chapter 16
Chapter 05 Chapter 17
Chapter 06 Chapter 18
Chapter 07 Chapter 19
Chapter 08 Chapter 20
Chapter 09 Chapter 21
Chapter 10 Chapter 22
Chapter 11 Chapter 23
Chapter 12 Full Book on LibriVox