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Our story for this week was sent in by friend to the podcast Cody Apedaile. He and his wife have contributed several times to the show and have been what I like to call friends. Here is a story that Cody sent in for episode #442.

I worked as an electrician for a little bit. Since I was just starting, I got to apprentice under a journeyman. We will call him Joe for this story. 

Joe and I, got to do some retrofitting for an old courthouse. They were upgrading their heating and cooling. Our job was to get power from the main panel in the basement to a new panel on the second floor. The basement was cramped and full of old, useless equipment, and contained the small portal that led into the crawl space. The portal was lined with pipes that left very little room for someone to crawl through. I, being of a thinner build, got to be the one to shimmy through the tight portal into the crawl space. 

The crawl space was the awkward height of being too short to stand, but it was not necessary to crawl either. The walls in the crawl space were concrete, making cave darkness a thing. With my headlamp on, I delved into the depths of the crawl space to go around to the section where we needed to feed the conduit through the wall and up through the floor. I took the measurements that we needed and yelled them through the fist sized hole to Joe on the other side. To save the battery of my slowly dying headlamp, I would sit in the almost complete darkness until Joe asked for the next measurement. After we were both satisfied, I crawled back into the depths of the black. 

As I rounded the first corner I froze as my headlamp caught two red pin pricks at the far side of the building. The next instant they were gone.  I held my gaze to that spot as I cautiously made my way to the center of the portal that held the path to the exit. As I exited feet first to the main basement, I swore I saw those eyes peering around the corner at me.  To say that I was relieved to be on vacation when the conduit in the crawl space was installed is an understatement

Cody Apedaile – Smithfield, Utah

This Week’s Podcast:

On the show this week we have a couple of listener questions answered, some great stories sent in by you guys, and Philip K. Dick tells us a pretty literal story. It is going to be a fun show. You can listen to this podcast on Thursday at Ron’s Amazing Stories, download it from Apple Podcasts, stream it on Stitcher Radio or on the mobile version of Spotify. Do you prefer the radio? We are heard every Thursday at 10:00 pm and Sunday Night at 11:00 PM (EST) on AMFM247.COM. Check your local listing or find the station closest to you at this link

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