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We have a forest beast story from the Northwest. However, this time it is not about Bigfoot. You see most of the creature sightings you read about here are not about the big guy. The most common story is about another elusive critter and he is much more dangerous. Here is a tale from Jerry Miller of Portland Oregon. It first appeared on episode #199 – Murder By Moonlight

I love to fish. It is my passion, although these days I am a bit more careful as to where I go and I try not to go alone to those isolated spots. This happened to me this past summer and when I tell you that I have a new appreciation for life, after you heard this tale, I think you will understand.

It was a Saturday morning. I had spent the previous day trying to find someone to come along with me, but I’d struck out. Not a big deal I’d gone to my spot many times alone and had no fear of doing it. I packed up my truck and headed out to the wilds near Hubbard Oregon.  There is a hidden stream along Old Whiskey Hill Road. The only way to get to it is to hack and whack. After a bit I went to my secret spot where the brown trout roam.

I was about an hour in and still had no bites. I could see them from time to time, but I just had not found the right lure. I had just casted out when I heard a loud snap. Then complete and utter silence. Even the birds had stopped their singing. An eerie calm came over the area. I ran my hand over my Glock G42, that was strapped to my waste, for reassurance. After a few minutes the bird’s sound returned and I returned to my thoughts of fresh trout for dinner. Whatever had been there had moved on. I finally figured out that the fish wanted the “red rooster tail”. I caught three and was ready to head home.    

“Snap,” which was followed by a growl. 

Not a bear I knew that for sure. We were too close to town for them to be around. I stood still and just listened. Like before the forest had gone silent. I waited for about five minutes that then started to move out. I got to the main trail with no problem, but waiting for me was a cougar. Rouge male from the looks of him. He looked straight at me, and I heard his thoughts plain and clear, “Dinner”.  

Growing up in the northwest means you understand your surroundings. I have always been told that you should never run from a lion, because running may stimulate the instinct to chase. Instead, stand and face the animal. I looked at the beast and yelled, “Git outta here!,” and for effect I grabbed my gun and waved my arms. 

He stepped back.

I yelled again, “Go-On GIT… “. I may have sworn just a bit.

He stepped back.

I pointed my gun and fired two rounds into the dirt. After all G42 is only a .38 and he was a big fella. This did the trick.  He ran west and I ran east not stopping until I was safely in my truck. Then I let out my breath, and started to shake.  On my way home I stopped at the Hubbard police station and reported the incident. Later I found out that he had been captured and relocated.

Jerry Miller

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