RAS #268 – Gigantopithecus

GigantopithecusOn this episode of Ron’s Amazing Stories titled, Gigantopithecus, a UFO crashes in a family’s backyard. The story is expertly narrated by John Dehner.  Also, we tell the true story of a camping trip gone very wrong, and we have another five minute mystery. So, press that play button!


What is it? It is a very large fossil Asian ape of the late Miocene to early Pleistocene epochs. That is a fancy way of saying that it is probably extinct. We say that because many believe that this ancient fellow just might be the modern day bigfoot.

Our OTR Story – Heavens To Betsy

This week’s story comes from Suspense, and it could have made today. It tells the tale of an everyday suburban family who discovers a crashed UFO in their backyard. It is titled, HEAVENS TO BETSY and originally aired: October 11, 1955.

3 thoughts on “RAS #268 – Gigantopithecus

    1. Yeah I agree. It was why I decided to play his story. Evidence can be faked, but if that was faked they really put some effort into it. Also, that recording was made with a taped based system! You can hear the motors and in the story he said, “I went to the truck and got my tape recorder” Impressive. One more thing. He gave many clues that this happened a long time ago. -Ron


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